Check Your Attitude…

Composite image of running businessman

“Check your attitude at the door and motivate yourself”

  • Choose a positive outlook.  Your thoughts make you who you are.  You are responsible for your own actions and you have the ability to choose your response to your environment.  If you make a conscious decision to begin each day with a positive outlook, negative situations that may come up cannot take that away unless you allow them to.
  • Increase your self-awareness.  Begin to better understand your emotional hot buttons.  Examine how you make judgments about the things that happen.  Tune into your senses, get in touch with your feelings, learn what your intentions are and pay attention to your actions.
  • Motivate yourself on a daily basis.  Motivate yourself by striving to meet your own criteria for success.  Instead of relying on external validation, focus on using your job as the means for achieving your big-picture career objective.

The choice is yours, only you can choose what attitude you will bring to your work and the world each day.  You get to decide how you will act towards your coworkers, those you serve, family and friends.

All it takes is to stop for a second when you place your hand on the door of the office or your home and ask yourself…. What attitude am I choosing today?

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