How Does What You Do Affect Those You Meet?


It is Monday, what better way to start your week off than by making the encounters you have awesome for those you meet? It really is very simple to do, just say or do something nice for them.

I am always amazed how rude people can keep their jobs. I am sure you have encountered rude people in the workplace and in places you go as a customer.

Is it really so hard to smile, say hello and be friendly to those you encounter each day?

At work we should take as many opportunities as we can to make our encounters with others the best possible.

The wonderful thing about giving out goodness is the feeling you get back from doing it.

Here are ten things you can do today at work to spread a little happiness to those you encounter.

1. Greet them with a smile

2. Say good morning or afternoon

3. Help them with caring kindness

4. Appreciate them being there

5. Listen to them

6. Give them your full attention

7. Be patient with them

8. Accept them for who they are

9. Thank them for coming

10. Tell them to enjoy their day

Give out as much positive energy to others as you can today and see how they react in a positive way towards you.

You never know how what you do may affect someone else’s life.

“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt


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