Are You True To Your Word?


So often we forget that we are accountable for what we say and do.  I hear colleagues say things and make promises with the intention of never keeping them.  They may not realize the impact that they are really having on those they work with, live with, and possibly lead.

People may say things to appease others, please others, to make themselves feel good.  But in the end they make issues because they never intended to follow through with what they promised or said.

Being accountable for our words, actions and thoughts brings one to the highest level of personal accountability. This is what we expect from others, this is what others expect from us.

It is sad to say that accountability will often take a backseat, and people are accepting excuses that really do not hold up, and are letting people slide instead of holding them accountable to their word.

If more people would hold others to their word things might turn out quite differently.

If you say it, then do it.

“Accountability breeds response-ability.” ~ Stephen Covey

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