Do You Have A Super Manager?

Creativity is what I am god at

I recently had the opportunity to talk with an up-and-coming manager of a small business.  She wanted to know what it takes to be a good manager of others.  While that question may take days to answer I tried to think of the top six traits or qualities that successful, well-liked managers possess.

Successful, well-liked managers possess the following attributes.  (These are not the only attributes that they posses, but they are necessary ones to be successful in the eyes of the staff and employers.)

These traits are in no particular order:

  • They are accountable for their actions, are honest and have high standards and values.
  • They think first, brief the team and then spring into action.  No shooting from the hip without anyone knowing what is taking place.  They believe all for one and one for all.
  • They are loyal to the organization, those they work for and with.
  • They possess a sense of humor.  They are humble, willing to listen to others and allow their ideas to be adopted.  Give credit where credit is due and care about those they lead.
  • They are effective, flexible and can prioritize.
  • They continually are looking and investing in their staff to raise them as leaders in the organization, especially ones to take over their position when the time comes.

These six attributes are at the top of the list for successful managers, are there any other attributes that you can add to this list?

Have a great Tuesday!


One thought on “Do You Have A Super Manager?

  1. I just emailed my boss and told him I was a super manager. He struggled greatly when I started using the word “prioritize” last year, it was hard for him to hear “that’s not a priority right now”, and it took some work for him to come around, but now he is using the word and asking me “what are my priorities today?”


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