Dealing With Office Issues Daily

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As a manager handling issues in the office is probably one of the tasks that we wish we did not have to deal with.  Over the years,  I have found that by meeting with my team every day I can talk about issues that came up the day before with the team with ease.  Even though one person may have had the problem, I make it a general observation that all of us need to be aware of.  I do not point a finger at any staff member, I just talk about the issue.

If it was something that the staff member did that was incorrect, I will say, “This happened yesterday, does everyone know that it should be handled this way?”  And then explain.  This way if other staff members are not clear on how to handle the situation it can be gone over and then make sure protocol is written so everyone is on the same page for the future.

Dealing with situations that had negative effects should not be held off.  If we can discuss these types of situations daily if needed, it is so much better as we can resolve issues right away.

Open communication between all members of the staff and those in leadership positions is critical for the business to move ahead smoothly each day.

How do you handle issues in your workplace?

Addressing Workplace Issues



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