Frustrated Employees


There is nothing more frustrating for a newly hired employee than not knowing what they should be doing throughout the day, when to do it and how to carry out the tasks.

When an employee is hired it should be explained to them clearly by demonstration, and written protocol how to perform their daily job tasks.  Employees need to know what the expectations are for their position and also the process of how to carry out their job tasks successfully.

Management staff must take the time to train employees and let them know how the systems work and why it is necessary for them to do their tasks a particular way.  Setting up processes to manage systems to review productivity is very important, as they will show the actual production and correctness of the various tasks of the business.

Not having these management systems in place is a sure way to set the business up for disaster as no one really knows if everything is getting done on time or if it is being done correctly.

When setting up systems to manage tasks they should include these three simple things:

  • Employees need to be trained with written protocols on how to carry out the tasks successfully.
  • Clear simple directions written on how the tasks will be checked or managed
  • Develop a follow-up training systems to review and check that all employees are doing the tasks correctly for continued quality control.

Everyone at work feels successful when there are clear instructions and quality training to make sure tasks are done correctly.

“Start with the end in mind.” ~ Steven Covey

2 thoughts on “Frustrated Employees

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  2. It’s really sad when you’ve been working somewhere for 18 months and you still don’t know exactly what it is you’re supposed to be doing. So you read emails. And “reconcile” spreadsheets.

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