Lifting Spirits At Work!


In our workplace we are dedicated to our patients, giving them the best care possible, but we also believe that fun is a big factor in doing this.  One tradition our office has is going all out for the Holidays, all different Holidays.  If there isn’t a Holiday coming up we have been known to make up our own, like Pink Flamingo or under the sea week.

Halloween is a big one for our office and each year the staff gets to pick the theme and the doctor’s costume without him knowing until our Halloween celebration.  For the past 17 years we have dressed our 6′ 4″ doctor up as a female character, he is such a good sport about it.  Our patients and people from our community come by just to see what our theme is each year.  We have created a great tradition that we all look forward to.

Our patients love it and it has become a hit with many of the other professionals we interact with.  Here are a few pictures from yesterday when we celebrated Halloween. 

Levity in the workplace is an important factor in creating a culture that everyone can thrive in.IMG_0023IMG_1220IMG_0021

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