Speak Positive Words


Today, I was speaking to a group of medical office managers on the subject of customer service.  I mentioned that it is pretty amazing the difference it will make when handling difficult situations if we use positive words of communication.

For example, if someone wants  to schedule an appointment right away, instead of telling them “I’m sorry we are all booked up for the next two weeks” tell them “We just happened to have an appointment open up on ______ ” and give them the date of the next appointment opening.  Always tell your customers that you would be happy to help them and then really help them.

It is important to find a way to say things with a positive spin instead of a negative one.  People do not want to hear what you can’t do for them, they want to hear what you can do for them.

This also applies to our coworkers, if you are the manager or team leader, your staff does not what to hear negatives from you, such as “If you don’t get that report done…” Or “If you don’t give me the answer today..”

The words “If you don’t” need to be eliminated and the phrase “I would appreciate it if you could” need to replace it.  Speak positive words even if you are having to deliver a not so positive message.

We will get more mileage if we use positive words when we speak with others.  Before you speak take a few seconds to see if you can put a positive approach to whatever it is you need to communicate.

Remember treat others how you would want to be treated.


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