Feeling Down Lately?


Have you noticed a change in your mood or maybe a coworker’s mood since the time change?  Maybe you or they seem sad, grumpy or overly tired.

Many people experience these changes when it gets darker earlier.  It is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which happens during this time of the year.

I first heard of SAD a few years ago when one of my fellow co-workers talked about struggling emotionally when the time changed and he lost the extra daylight each day that he used for out-of-door activities.

Some of the common symptoms of SAD are:

  • Sadness
  • Grumpiness
  • Loss of interest in normal activities
  • Sleeping more and being drowsy in the daytime
  • Craving Carbohydrates
  • Weight gain

After doing some research, my coworker found out that there was a reason for his mood change and that there are things that you can do to help get through the winter months.

Once having the knowledge of what was causing this problem for him, he was able to prepare better for the winter months keeping more active with exercise at a gym and home equipment.  This has made a tremendous difference in his life at home and at work.

The link below has more information on SAD that you can pass on to a friend, co-worker or family member who may be suffering from these common winter month symptoms.

Life is too short to be SAD, pass this information on if you think it might help someone you care about.

Mayo Clinic on SAD

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