Are You A Perfectionist?


I like getting things done and I like to do them correctly.  Many, many years ago I strived to do things perfectly, not to my satisfaction, but to the satisfaction of others and to hear their praise.  What a trap this became for me. Because if I did not hear praise I would think I did not do whatever it was well enough.

It would take more words than what I could write in one blog post to go into the detail of learning to accept and be happy with what I do, and not seek the approval of others.

Perfectionism is being between a rock and a hard place, never happy and many times frustrated and depressed.  Below are three good reasons why you should get help if you are a true perfectionist.

  1. Perfectionism makes you unhappy and never satisfied with who you are or what you have done.
  2. Perfectionism causes procrastination because you are striving for the unattainable, so you get stuck and do nothing, which causes you to become depressed and frustrated.
  3. Perfectionism causes you to become very critical of yourself which creates low self-esteem.

What of the above is good?  Not one thing.  Life is too short to do this to yourself.  Get help and move forward knowing that whatever you do it will be just right and perfect for you.

The link below is an excellent article titled “How to Stop Being a Perfectionist.”

How To Stop Being a Perfectionist

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