The Price Of Poor Customer Service

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Think of your favorite restaurant, you love the food, the staff is friendly and attentive and the atmosphere is wonderful. You look forward to going there to eat again and again.

Now what do you think would happen if you went to your favorite restaurant and the staff seemed rushed and you had to sit for a long time before they even gave you a menu. You probably would not be happy, but you still might go back.

What if the next time you went back to this restaurant not only did you have to wait, but also your food was cold and the waiter was a bit short with you when you wanted your food warmed up.  This time you might think long and hard before you decided to go back, if you ever decided to go back.

The service we receive from the establishments we patronize dictates whether we will continue to go to them or if we tell anyone we know to go to them.  If people receive poor customer service they are likely to tell up to 10 people they know about the bad service they received rather than the 1-2 people they might tell if they received good service.

The old tale that bad news travels fast is true when it comes to customer service.

This is a good thing to keep in mind each day as you serve the customers that come into or call your place of business.  If you provide just “good” customer service your customers are only going to tell 1-2 people they know about your business, so it is necessary to deliver “Awesome, knock their socks off” customer service so they will tell a few more people about your business.

Our customers are free advertising for our places of business; we just need to think about what type of advertisement they are going to be.  We dictate the service we give; therefore we dictate what our customers will say about us.

Amazing service becomes legendary in our customers minds if we show them we can deliver it time and time again.

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