Look for Accomplishments

Composite image of new years resolution list

With the New Year here I have been thinking about what goals or resolutions I would like to set up for myself to accomplish in 2016.  I have read many articles and blogs on making New Year resolutions and I came upon the article listed below that mentions a different idea about making resolutions.

One thing that I have always found interesting is the fact that people will make a New Year’s resolution, and when they start struggling to keep it they just stop.  They do not try to make another effort to begin.

Resolutions can be made and re-made each day.  We tend to make it harder for ourselves than necessary to reach our goals.  If accomplishing a resolution becomes so stressful for us then we automatically feel it is not likely we will reach it.

When we drop the ball or mess up we need to realize that we can just pick the ball up and start again.  Do not focus on failures, look for accomplishments, (you may have messed up yesterday, but you did not today!)

In the article below it mentions that one of the secrets to keeping resolutions is to “Not make resolutions about things you should do.”  This would include eating right, not smoking, exercise, etc. Resolutions should be about accomplishing things that you have a passion for and want to do, which could include the items above.

It is also important that we write down our resolutions and have them in front of us each day.  The important thing is that we keep trying to reach the goals that we would like to reach and not let failure or slip-ups stop us, tomorrow is a new day and we can begin again if necessary.

7 Secrets Of Keeping New Years Resolutions

6 thoughts on “Look for Accomplishments

  1. Excellent tips and reminders! I like “looking for accomplishments” but I tend to focus on my failures too many times. I need to write my goals down too! Thanks for your visits and comments in 2015. I am always encouraged by your posts.


    • Hello

      Thank you for the complement. I am a true believer of looking for what I did today instead of what I did not as long as I know that I am moving forward, even at a snails pace, I am still moving forward.

      Happy 2016 to you!



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