Bad Job, Bad Situation


You really are unhappy with your job right now but because of your situation it doesn’t appear that another job is in the near future.  This can be a very depressing situation to face each day when you feel that there is no change in sight.

No matter what the reason for your discontentment at work, you need to be able to keep a good attitude in a bad situation.  Although it may be tough to keep your attitude up, depending on what is causing your unhappiness, there are a few key things that you can do to help get through the days until a change can be made.

1. Realize that change can happen.  If you have a bad boss, maybe they will leave, or maybe they will have a change in their attitude.  Whatever, your case may be, it can always change and maybe that change is how you view the situation you are in.

2. Start looking for what you do like at work.  Do you have friendly co-workers?  Is the work itself something that you enjoy?  Remember why you wanted the job in the first place and think about what you thought was good.  Isn’t there something positive at your job that you can focus on?

3. Develop a plan.  What is it that you need to do to change jobs if that is the answer? Make a list of what needs to happen in order for you to be able to leave the job you are in.  Once your list is done, begin working on it.  But don’t forget that you still have to maintain a good reputation at your current job until you leave, so do your best each day.

4. Whatever you do, do not have a negative attitude at work.  This will only make you more miserable and your boss and co-workers will begin to think less of you.  Your current job is a reference for you and you want to have a good one.

Keep your chin up and begin to look for change.  It is not healthy to be in a job that makes you unhappy.  Also make sure you are not making others unhappy at work while you are there.


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