Open Communication With Co-Workers

Business meeting

Working with a team of people, issues are certain to come up. The only way they will be resolved is if they are addressed, discussed and solutions are made together.

A common issue that teams will encounter, that can cause significant problems, is when a team player does not perform all of their job position requirements.

It does not take long for team members to catch on when one player is dropping the ball. This causes frustration, anger and resentment among the team and if not addressed right away can cause serious negative results.

Use the five questions below to begin to have an open dialogue with your team and to come up with standards and protocols that all team members need to adhere to in order to create a more cohesive team.

  1. Can we count on each other to be dependable and accountable for doing our jobs as expected?
  2. Can we work to agree on what our goals and behaviors look like as we strive for excellence together?
  3. Can we trust each other to be supportive if one teammate makes a mistake and needs correction?
  4. Can we trust management to provide the team with the necessary tools to do their job correctly, including education, training and monitoring, so all team members are doing their job correctly?
  5. Can we commit to open communication to keep our team strong and growing together?

These are just some of the basic essentials that need to be discussed and re-discussed in order for a team to successfully work together and grow as a strong unit.

It is hard to set aside the time for your team to dig into these questions, as we are so busy at work.  However, not taking the time is setting the team up for a difficult work environment, one that can lead to discord and disappointment.

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