One Of Life’s Greatest Pleasures


“Giving whether it be of time, labor, affection, advice, gifts, or whatever, is one of life’s greatest pleasures.” ~Rebecca Russell

This quote is a reminder that each of us is able to give something to another and not only does it bring pleasure to the recipient, it brings pleasure to the giver.  So often we get a thought of doing something for another and talk ourselves out of it because it is not “grand” enough or the person may think it is silly.

It is the little unexpected acts of thoughtfulness that bring us the most joy.  The thought that someone actually took a moment out of their day to call, text, or send an email to say hello, means so much.

One of the best gifts I enjoy giving is a “hello” to a stranger and watching a smile come over their face as they return the hello back.

Yesterday I was in the grocery store and as I was turning to go up an aisle an older man was coming around the corner.  We almost hit our carts together and I noticed that he seem quite started.  I started to laugh and told him that maybe the store needed to have horns and blinkers on the carts.

When he saw that I was not upset, but instead had fun with the situation he laughed too and agreed with me.

The gift of kindness and caring costs us nothing, but if we do not practice and give it away daily it will cost us a lot over time.

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