Creating Great Teams


One of my passions is coaching medical practices on how to create an “A+ Team” of their staff members.

Teams of any kind, sports, work, family, or community-related take work and the process of keeping the team together and everyone on the same page is an ongoing task.

Over the years, I have found that there are a few key elements that need to be in the “mix” in order for an “A+ team” to be developed.

  1. Everyone on the team must lead by example. Great team players do not wait to see how their team players perform, they jump in feet first and focus on their job tasks and do the best job they can so the team can be successful.
  2. The team players build relationships and help one another. They are able to take the company’s vision and goals and apply it, not only to the position they play on the team, but they know their strengths and look to see how they can help others on the team, so the goals of the company are reached.
  3. The players on the team hold one another accountable to do what is expected of them as a team player. Everyone makes errors and great team players recognize this, but they also recognize when someone is slacking off and needs encouragement to get back in the game and play by the rules.
  4. Great team players have positive, contagious attitudes. They see what needs to be done; they work hard to make sure it gets done. Their attitude is Awesome! People are attracted to their positive energy and want to be their teammates.
  5. Great team players are humble; they realize they are a player on the team just as the other players. No superstars allowed. They are open to learning and correction to make the team better and to reach the goals set before the team.

I have the wonderful opportunity to work on such a team. My teammates are amazing and I feel privileged to work side-by-side with them.

If you noticed I said “work” with them. This is one of the most important key points of successful teams. They know it will take work to keep them moving forward and they are willing to put in what it takes to make their team an A+ one.

“Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” –Mattie Stepanek

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