The “Can Do” Attitude


Many years ago I purchased some exercise tapes from Tony Little the exercise guru.  Tony has a pretty amazing story of success as a bodybuilder and then being involved in a tragic auto accident that could have ruined his life.  But Tony is a person with a “can do” attitude and during his own recovery he began to develop exercise programs to help others.

The one thing that I can still hear in my mind to this day is Tony shouting during his videos “You Can Do It!!!”

Tony Little really has the “Can Do” Attitude and it has brought him out of a tragic situation into one where he has been able to help others realize that they to can do whatever it is they need to do to get in shape and be healthy.

Here are some of the key steps to create a “Can Do” attitude.

  • You must think you can succeed. (If you don’t, stop here)
  • Pick a role module to follow. (These are people you respect and have the ethics and integrity that you possess)
  • Think positive thoughts. (Negative thoughts drown out any positive thoughts you may have)
  • Select mentor(s) (And listen to them)
  • Gather your supporters. (People who do not support you are like boat anchors, they weigh you down)
  • Take steps in the direction you want to go. (Even if they are baby steps as long as you are moving forward you are doing good)
  • Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. (Ouch! Yes it hurts, but it is so worth it, wait and see)

Finally, look forward to each day and the adventure that it will bring.  Remember to always keep your focus on your goal!

“You got to believe in yourself, man. We only have one shot in life and you got to make it a solid one. And sometimes it might have to be a hundred shots.”

Tony Little – Fitness Guru

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