Want To Be More Productive?


For the past few days I did not have any new blog posts.  The reason for this was my husband and I were spending quality time with family on a short cruise that my 88-year-old father gave us for a Christmas gift.

It is not like me to actually take time off, meaning no email, phone or online connection.  In years past I would have gone to great lengths to find a way to connect online, but not this time, and it felt good.  Not just good, it felt amazing!

No connection, no text messaging, no obligation to “like” or “comment.” It reminded me of years back on my first trip to Europe before most of us were connected to the internet on a minute-by-minute basis.

And do you know what we discovered on this little trip?  We could relax, truly relax.  It was so nice not to feel the need to check my phone and even if I wanted to it did not work.  We escaped!

We could focus on those we were with, talk and listen without distraction of our digital devices.

Today, when we went back to the office it was nice, we felt refreshed, ready to work and were very productive.  We were actually surprised and delighted with our non-cellular trip and even talked about doing a little bit longer one in the future.

There is a lot of proof that points to being more productive if you take time to relax.  We are true believers now!

Try it, I bet you will also really like it!

How To Become More Productive

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