Attitude Is A Decision


Maintaining a positive attitude is much easier when your work and those you work with are happy and self-motivated.  Often managers will have the attitude that their staff should consider themselves lucky to have a job and they feel no reason to lead or inspire them.

Attitudes like this will certainly not produce productive employees or successful businesses.

It becomes a big problem when you begin to have a poor, negative or Me attitude at work, and it only hurts you.  If you are playing your cards right your current job is probably a means for you to achieve your big picture career objectives.

Therefore, when you stop giving your all at work because something did not go right at work or at home you are sabotaging your own goals.

The choice is yours, only you can choose what attitude you will bring to work with you each day and how you will act towards your coworkers and the customers you serve.

All it takes is just a second when you place your hand on the back door today to ask yourself, “What attitude am I choosing today?”

“Attitude is everything!”

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