Petty Behavior At Work


I was speaking at a conference this past weekend and one of the business owners expressed concern because her staff members were not working well together.

Upon further discussion she mentioned that she (the business owner) liked each of her staff members and thought they were good employees.

The conflict was between the staff members themselves. Apparently, two of them did not really like the third.

I have said it many times before, when you are working with people you will always have people problems.  There is just no getting around it.  If it is not personalities that “rub” then it will be work styles, general attitudes or beliefs.

We are human and we are all different.  This is a wonderful thing, yet it can be a great division among coworkers.

We know there will be people at work that just do not “click” with each other, but what do you do if to you the situation becomes intolerable for one or more employees because of another employee?

This is where this business owner felt her situation had come to.  As the group, at the conference, began to dissect this situation further it was found that all of the employees were doing a great job.

The reason the two employees did not like the third was that they felt she was a loner and not what they considered a “team player.” The third employee did a great job, she is just the type of person that likes to come to work, do her job, and go home. She did not do anything wrong, she just did not “play” with the others like they thought she should.

The groups final suggestion for this business owner was to let her employees know that they do not have to be best friends, but they do have to treat each other with respect and kindness at work. Helping each other as the need arises.

Also, the employees need to realize that they each have been hired to do a job and that does not include wasting business time to complain because they “just do not like working with someone because they do not act they way they would like them to.”

The choice these employees have is to work well with each other accepting each other for who they are or to go find another job.  By the way, the third employee did not have anything bad to say about the other two. She was happy with her work situation.


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