How Management Can Cause Employee Failure


As a business owner or manager you have the opportunity to set the tone each day for your employees/co-workers.  Over the past few years’ surveys have shown that employee morale is on a steady downward spiral.

If we can understand what is causing this to happen, hopefully we can prevent it from invading our workplaces. Here are a few of those workplace downers that have been reported.

  • Employers or management staff is more concerned about themselves and how they are doing than they are of the welfare of their employees.
  • Employers or managers are not accountable for their actions and when things do not go, as they should instead of taking the blame they blame others.
  • When employers or managers do not share information with employees about business issues or practices that affect their job position, such as not giving them the information or enough training, which makes them, look incompetent in doing their job.
  • When employers or managers send mixed messages to their employees.  They change the rules to fit the need, their need, and the employees start to wonder what the policies are. They never know because things are always changing on a whim.

Working in this type of environment makes people feel out of control because there is no set in concrete standards or rules, which lead to confusion and disillusion.

Whether you are the business owner or a manager you have a responsibility to the people you manage. You must make sure you are not leading them on a downward spiral because it will be pretty lonely at the bottom for you.

TP 3/18

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