Do You Want To Grow?


This morning, while walking on my treadmill, I was watching a Brendon Burchard video on Youtube on “How to learn faster.”  We live in such a “fast everything” age and we all want to accomplish so much during our lifetime.

Brendon made a great point in this video when he stated, “You have to invest each day in personal growth if you ever want your life to become what you have dreamed it can be.”

How many times have you told yourself that you wanted to learn something, or do something to grow as a person only to never do it?

It takes time and effort.  I know for myself I would like to learn Italian and speak fluently.  I have taken private classes, been to immersion school and have a half-dozen Italian books in my closet.  Am I fluent?  No.

In order to achieve that goal I would need to invest daily learning the language, not just a few weeks before I go to Italy each year.

To grow into the person and life you desire one must invest daily, there is no other way.

This is a great reminder because many times we wonder why something is not changing in our life or we have not achieved what we want?  All we need to do is to look at how much time we are investing to make it happen to get our answer.

If you have not watched any of Brendon’s videos I highly suggest you do, he is a very inspiring speaker.

Brendon Burchard

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