Mistakes Employers Make


I am always surprised when I hear of an employee who does just enough to get by at work.  No effort is given to take extra steps to do their best, mediocre is acceptable to them.

These are also the people who are surprised and feel outraged when others are promoted over them or when they are let go from their job.

They think they should be paid or promoted for a job barely done, not well done.

As an employer it is important when searching for employees that you take the time to look for high-quality people, ones who are determined to do their best and take pride in whatever they do.

Check out their references and do a working interview, maybe a few.  Far too often employers are just trying to fill a seat before it gets cold and they make wrong hiring decisions.

Do not make a hasty decision when it comes to hiring, it not only is unfair to the person you hire, it is unfair to those who currently work for you to have to go through a wrong hiring situation and waste valuable time on an employee who should not have been hired in the first place.

Employers have a choice in who they hire, be smart, take time and seek help if you need to in order to make the correct choice for your business.  Your employees will thank you and so will the candidate you select.

The link below is to a great company that is dedicated to help employers make the right hiring decisions.

Real Talent Hiring

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