I Love Team Work


I really enjoy working as a team at work, my teammates are great to work with.  When an issue or idea comes up it is exciting to hear what each player on the team thinks and to work together to come up with the best way to either implement an idea or fix a problem.

As the “Team Leader” I appreciate the fact that I do not have to come up with ways to “fix” problems by myself.  My team is more than willing to help and so many times their ideas or the result of combined ideas are so much better than anything that I would have come up with alone.

The result of working well as a team has multiple benefits not only to the team members, but to the customers that the business serves.  They can tell when the “team” works well together as it shows in the form of great customer service.

Three important ingredients that are necessary in cultivating a great work team are:

  1. Clear goals
  2. Clear roles
  3. Clear communication

Making a great work team is not always easy, but when you keep these three ingredients at the top of your recipe you are increasing the likelihood of creating a really great team.

“Team members that care and respect one another are teams that reach goals beyond what they ever imagined.” ~ T. C. Totaro

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