Do They Hear You?

Team of doctors and businesswoman having a meeting

It is so very important for managers or team leaders to evaluate how they present, speak, and write things when communicating to their staff.  Are you coming across clearly with what you are trying to convey?  Can you make it simpler and clearer?  How do you sound?

One slip or misinterpretation can cause a huge problem that could have been avoided if communication were clearer.

Here are a few points that can help you evaluate communication skills to determine if there are areas that you need to improve on:

  • Be aware of how you speak, tone of voice, rhythm, and pace.  It makes a difference to motivate staff members.
  • Do not use the “us” versus “them” in any staff communication.  This can kill any inspirational message you are trying to convey.
  • Use your staff members names when talking to them alone and in a group.
  • Do not point people out unexpectedly during a group discussion as an example, this can be quite upsetting for an employee, even if it is not a “real negative” thing.
  • Look for positive interactions with all staff members and encourage their input and ideas.
  • When holding meetings or gatherings make sure that you are not rushed and pressed for time as this can make any positive plan turn into a negative one.
  • Make sure your body language projects sincerity, concern and honesty when interactive with your staff members.  They can and do read you loud and clear whether you think they do or not.

The way you communicate with your team members does have a direct effect on their motivation.  Managers are key people when it comes to inspiring and motivating their staff to achieve their goals and expectations.  Make sure you are delivering a message that communicates, elevates and inspires those on your team.

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