Delegation and Employee Growth


When you hear the word “Delegation” what do you think of?

If you are a manager, team leader or employer you probably have the need to delegate to others who work with you.

When working on a team there is the need to delegate tasks often in order for the workflow to be more efficient.

Delegation involves entrusting another person with a task for which the delegator remains ultimately responsible.

When choosing to delegate tasks you need to assess whether the person you plan to delegate the task to is fully capable of performing the task.

Once the task is delegated, the person must be allowed sufficient autonomy to perform the task, subject to initial briefing and also to regular reports on progress if necessary.

There is a difference in assigning a task and delegation.  When you delegate you give the employee full responsibility to carry out the task until it is completed or it is time to give an update report.

Why delegate?  As a manager, team leader or business owner there is no way you can do everything yourself.  You must raise up others and give them responsibilities to complete job tasks so they can grow, learn and improve at their job.

When you delegate to a coworker you are actually adding value to them.  They are able to do more tasks and be of more help to the business as a whole.

When they feel valued they will show others value, what a great opportunity to invest in those you work with!



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