The Realistic Thinker


If you are an optimistic person you are probably a more realistic type of thinker.

When you are a realistic thinker you tend to think through projects, problems and opportunities and can make better decisions or have better outcomes for yourself.

Whenever we are making decisions or working on problems there can be consequences for whatever action we may take.  But the more realistic thinker tends to have less “negative” consequences because they have taken the time to carefully think through their decision or action and recognize the possibility of negative consequences and reconsiders or changes their plan.

Author John Maxwell said this about realistic thinking in his book “Thinking for Change.”

“Realistic thinking leads to excellence in leadership and management because it requires people to face reality.  They begin to define their target and develop a game plan to hit it.  When people engage in realistic thinking, they also begin to simplify practices and procedures, which results in better efficiency.”

This really gives you something to think about….


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