Are You Prepared When You Speak?

Framing your message is a critical step when communicating a message to others. I am sure you have been in a meeting, lecture or briefing and the speaker was not prepared, it leaves you wondering what was the real message they were trying to convey.

When you want others to understand what you are telling them your message has to be:

  • Simple – Make sure the language you use is one your audience can understand.
  • Clear – When framing a message you want to keep the content clear and direct about your topic, not jumping all over the place which is confusing.
  • Engaging – The tone and way that the message is presented should be one that make the audience want to listen intently so they fully understand the meaning.
  • Complete – Nothing is worse than when someone starts out telling you one thing and then never finishes what they initially said they were going to tell you about. One thought at a time and then make sure you complete it before moving on.

When others give their time to listen to us the least we can do is be prepared to give them our best when communicating with them.

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