When Things Get Bad


We all have experienced a time, maybe a few, when we have been stuck in a rut.  We feel down, maybe sorry for ourselves, and just cannot seem to pull ourselves out, move forward and be productive..

Times like this can be triggered by a bad event, a health issue or and unhappy change in our life.

If we do not pick ourself up quickly the issue can become serious, possibly requiring outside help to recover.

A colleague of mine was telling me of a time when had been experiencing being in a rut.  She had been transferred at work and was not happy about the change. Instead of trying to embracing it and getting to know her new coworkers she became resentful and withdrawn.

Her husband realized that something needed to be done and had read about the “21 day challenge” where you state out loud what you are grateful for. He knew that his wife had been wanting to get some new flooring, and he had been holding off, but he knew that it would be worth the purchase if his wife could do the “grateful” challenge and change her attitude.

He challenged her and she was to find three things that she was grateful for each day for 21 days, write them down, and tell the family each night at the dinner table.  She not only had to tell them what she was grateful for but why.  His wife jumped at the challenge.

To make a long story short she not only got her new floors, but during the process she became grateful for her new job and coworkers.  He said about two weeks into the challenge she was coming home telling the family about her new job and how much she was enjoying the new challenges it brought.

I think this was one smart husband.  I also think that this challenge is a great one and you do not have to be in a rut to take it on.  How much better would each of our lives be if we proclaimed what we are grateful for each day?


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