Five Tips On Happiness


I am very fortunate to work with happy people.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not hear our patients complement our office on how fun, kind and happy we are.  My front desk assistant has a smile and laugh that makes the room shine, patients love talking to her and they know she genuinely cares about them.

Even when things are not going well with those I work with our patients would never be able to tell as we are truly happy with what we do and enjoy bringing happiness to them each day.

Here for five tips on how you can cultivate happiness in your life with the full article linked below.

  1. Train your brain to be happy. (It can be done)
  2. Nurture and enjoy relationships. (Everyone is so different and unique)
  3. Live in the moment and savor life’s pleasures. (Life is but a vapor do not waste one moment)
  4. Focus on helping others and living with meaning. (We can do so much for others with so little, like a simple smile)
  5. Take better care of yourself. (Life is to enjoy.  Love yourself.  Care for yourself.)

Do one thing today to make someone happy and then do another.

“Being happy never goes out of style.” ~ Lilly Pulitzer

Cultivating Happiness

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