The Condescending Coworker


On a recent trip, my Aunt and I were eating in a restaurant where a young relative of ours was working.  Also working in this restaurant was another young man who felt it was his job to make condescending remarks about our relative.

During our visit, we ate at this restaurant a couple of times and witnessed the same bad behavior by this employee.  We are not sure if he behaved this way only when we were there or if it was an ongoing thing.  From the looks of how easily he was able to give the “put downs,” I would say he has had lots of practice.

We wondered if he realized how bad he looked and sounded to us and others who caught on to his remarks.  He seemed very proud when he dealt them out and made sure we hear them.

This young man needed a lesson in professionalism and proper workplace conduct.  He left a very poor impression on us and I am sure others also.

Our relative, on the other hand, behaved very professionally and gave the appearance of ignoring this fellow.  He kept calm, would smile and then would turn to his work after the snide remarks were made.

Dealing with coworkers who are condescending can be very difficult, but there are a few things you can try to do to work around their bad behavior.

  • Keep calm and do not let them get under your skin and what they say stick to you, brush it off quickly!
  • When they say something condescending to you create a distraction by saying something totally off the wall like “Well isn’t the sun shinning brightly today!”
  • Just nod, smile and walk away or go back to what you were doing, simply ignore them if possible.
  • If you do need to speak with them about this keep it honest, simple and professional.  No slander or anger, they would like that because they got to you.

If they continue and it becomes just too much to take, document what the person has said to you and when and, then ask for a manager or supervisors help in taking care of the issue.

This behavior can turn into bullying and needs to be stopped.

Condescension in the Ranks and How to Handle Snide Remarks at Work


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