Employees Need To Have Some Control At Work


One of our natural drives, as a human is to have a sense of control about our life, this also includes our work.

As an employer, it might be hard to think of employees having control over their job. There are certain things employees must do at work that they might not have control over, but as an employer, I am sure you can find some things that your employees can have control over, which would make their job more pleasing to them.

In our medical office, we have several positions for employees and each one has certain job tasks that must be completed and there are protocols in how to do each task.

We have been able to find ways to give each employee some autonomy over how and when some of their responsibilities are performed. They get to design their daily schedule and systems as long as each task is completed correctly and on time.

are performed. They get to design their daily schedule and systems as long as each task is completed correctly and on time.

Another way that our employees have some control is of their workspace. They can design, set-up and add some pictures and decorations to their space. As long as it is in good taste according to our company code of ethics and safety policy, it is fine with our employer.

We also let our staff pick out the color and styles of uniforms they must wear. They work together, agree on what they want and then are allowed to purchase it on the company account. In giving them this freedom they have never made a wrong choice and always look clean and professional.

People feel better about their job when they have some control and when they feel better they do better.

If you are an employer or manager are there ways that you can come up with that will give your employees more ownership and control of their work?

Your workplace will be a happier environment because the people who work there are more satisfied.  Sometimes, something so simple can make a huge difference.

The article linked below give a few more ideas on giving employees more control over their work.

Give Employees More Control If You Want Them To Be Happy

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