Lonely and Stressful at Work


Workplace relationships can make or break your day.  Whether you work with a few or many, if people do not get along well it can be felt by everyone, even your customers.

It is very stressful if you do not have friendly workplace relationships.  Work becomes a dread because you have no one to interact with and enjoy during the work day.

Whether it is problems with co-workers, your employer or you just haven’t been able to cultivate healthy relationships at work it is a lack of connecting which can cause stress over time.

As humans, we are relational beings, although many of us like to work independently, we do enjoy camaraderie with those with whom we work.

Being able to establish relationships with proper workplace boundaries can be challenging, but they are worth it.  It is nice to go to work knowing you will encounter friendly coworkers.

Being alone all day or in the company of difficult people makes for a poor work environment, and it is hard to get excited about returning each day.

If you see someone at work who appears to be lonesome, they would probably appreciate a friendly face and someone with whom to take lunch or a break.

Step up and make their day.  Just because you are friendly, does not mean that you need to make them your best friend.  You are just trying to cultivate a workplace friendship, which will make work a bit nicer for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Lonely and Stressful at Work

  1. Amen! Mom says this is so true! Life is way too short to have such a stressful place at work. You are there most of the time during the week more than you are at home with your loved ones. Awesome post my friend. XOXO – Bacon

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