What Do Your Customers See When You Talk?


According to communication experts, the words we speak or hear are only part of the way we communicate with one another.  These experts suggest that in face-to-face situations, at least 70 percent of what is communicated is done without speaking a word.  This is called nonverbal communication. (But it speaks volumes!)

I think sometimes we forget that our appearance, expressions, and stance are all part of our communication with our customers.

There are three important key factors to remember when having face-to-face interactions with customers;

  1. Posture: Make sure you stand or sit up straight.  I remember my mother always telling me to “stand up straight.” You do not look confident when your shoulders are rolled over, and your head is down.
  2. Facial expressions: Your face communicates even when your voice does not.  What does it say when your eyebrows are raised up to your hairline and your mouth is wide open and you are just saying hello? Dramatic expressions are a distraction to your customers.
  3. Appearance:  Look the part that you are playing. Unless you are required to wear a costume, then do not.  Wear what is appropriate work attire for your type of business.

In closing, you should never be a distraction from what your business is there to offer your customers.  When someone comes into your place of business, they should feel like they are the most important person who is there.  Dress the part, act the part and know the part to give your customers the best experience with your business.

And remember it is not all about what we say; it is also how we appear when we say it!

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