Let’s Show Respect


Being respectful of others is one of the best qualities one can have.  Generally an individual who respects others is respected in return.

Respect does not happen overnight.  It takes time to develop, and like trust; it can easily be lost.

People who show respect and are themselves respected appear to have similar characteristics.  They tend to –

  • remain positive
  • invest in what matters
  • be authentic
  • give others more than what they get in return
  • maintain their integrity
  • add value to others
  • care about others
  • listen and respect the beliefs of others

Below is a good way to remember what respect stands for.

  • R – Remember kindness
  • E – Encourage others
  • S – Stand firm in your convictions
  • P – Play fair and smart
  • E – Extend a helping hand
  • C – Cause no harm
  • T – Think before you speak

I found the above and more in the article link below all about how to gain respect.

Inc. 99 simple ways to gain respect

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