Who Makes You Happy At Work?


Happy employees are more engaged employees. In turn, more engaged employees create a better workplace environment for all including their customers.

Dale Carnegie and MSW did a study on over 1500 employees, to dig further into what creates engaged employees, and what key attributes are present within these engaged employees.

Some startling employee engagement statistics revealed in this study showed that 29% of the workforce is engaged, 45% are not engaged, and 26% are actively disengaged.

Many times employees are waiting for someone at work to make him or her happy when we can personally do things to make our workday a better one. We need to become our own happiness coach.

Look for the good things that happen each day at work instead of the not so good things and share them with those you work with. Everyone likes to hear uplifting things as it makes them feel good.

On those days when work gets stressful, focus on what you can control (like your attitude) rather than the outcomes that you cannot, knowing that days like this are few when you compare them to the rest.

Research shows that people who can create their own happiness are not only great to be around, but they usually are healthier. When we are unhappy, we easily become emotionally drained, which can cause us to become more susceptible to illnesses.

Today’s challenge: Find ways to create happiness, not only at work, but in your life!


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