Feeling Frustrated At Work


Even when you like your job, there are times that you will find yourself frustrated with a task, change or issue at work. At times you may even feel like you have had enough and contemplate leaving.  But you don’t. What is it that makes you stop from leaving?

Is it that you realize that good jobs are hard to come by?  Maybe you took a real good look at your job and counted all of the positives aspects of the job?

Frustrations can cause us to make poor decisions at work.  When we become frustrated, we need to step back and deal with what the frustration is about properly.  Is it is just a given situation that is frustrating or is it the job as a whole?

Dealing with situations that are upsetting at work can be hard if there are poor lines of communication between coworkers or with your employer, but nonetheless, they need to be addressed.

Our frustrations need to be brought to the attention of our manager or boss so they can be dealt with and resolved.

If we do not deal with what is frustrating us, it can eventually lead to depression, anger, stress, insomnia or other health related issues.  Health and happiness are important factors for all employees in order to make the workplace a healthy environment for everyone including customers.

Recognizing the cause of the frustration is the first step in being able to take action to resolve it. Every workplace has its issues, but when time is taken to dissect them, almost always they can be resolved.

The link below is to a great article on what do to when you feel frustrated at work.

Feeling Frustrated At Work and What You Can Do

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