Tips On Personal Communication


One of the best tips for good communication is to “listen more than you talk.”  Too many times when people are speaking the listener either finishes the speakers sentence or jumps in cutting them off completely and begins responding before the speaker has finished.

There are many good communication habits we can focus on, such as asking others probing questions when they are talking to get them to expound on what they are saying.  This not only shows them that you are listening, but that you are interested.

When speaking face-to-face, there are four tips to develop personal communication habits.

  • Practice Active Listening. (See link below)
  • Ask questions to learn more from the speaker for clearer understanding.
  • Connect with good eye contact.
  • Do not interrupt.
  • Watch body language to make sure it shows that you are engaged in the conversation. (Expressions or lack of them speak volumes)

In this age of technology where we text, e-mail and Facebook, there is nothing like personal communication face-to-face to get your message across clearly.

Are You A Good Listener?

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