Providing Average Customer Service


We are all customers of some type of consumer business and as a customer we should try to be as understanding as possible when we encounter “not so good service.”

We all know that there are times when poor customer service happens even when the employee or employer tries their best.

  • Maybe they became short-handed at a short notice.
  • Product was delayed due to bad weather.
  • Service was delayed due to machinery failure.

These types of things happen, and it is okay to mention your dissatisfaction, but remember to do it in a constructive way such as; “I noticed service seems to be very slow and you are not happy today, is everything going well with you?”  The answer you get should let you know what is going on.

Possibly, the business owner is under stress and has passed this on to his/her employees.  As a fellow human we need to be understanding of the situation and not hold it against the business, unless we experience that it is a regular occurrence.

What I have never understood is poor customer service due to the choices employees or the employer make at the expense of their customers.

  • Unfriendliness
  • Unpreparedness
  • Giving misinformation
  • Carelessness

I would have to say that one of my biggest customer service disappointments is when the person who is to be helping me or serving me is “checked out.” They just are not there when their customers are there.  You can see the “I don’t care” attitude in their eyes and actions.

Great customer service is anticipating what your customer’s needs are and then exceeding them. You must be there in the moment for them, and show them that you care and appreciate their business, that is if you want them to continue to come back.

“The difference between “try” and “triumph” is just a little “umph.”” ~ Bonnie Przybylski, Projects Manager W.R. Grace


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