Goal Planning


Last month I began to review the goals that I had set to complete in 2019.  Several I made it to the finish line, but there were several that I either had started and stopped or never started in the first place.  What is great about writing your goals down is that you can review what your intentions were and on the goals that I did not complete or even start I can now really take a look at them to decide if they should still be on my 2020 list.

So often we become discouraged because our goals and dreams do not happen in the time frame that “we” had planned and unless it was something “very important” it might have been a goal that really wasn’t meant to be or just wasn’t meant to happen in the time frame we thought.  I do not beat myself up over not achieving goals because I know I am going to take the time to reevaluate them.

During my reflection time,  I am finding that some of the goals I had set for myself are not even in the picture now, I have changed my course over the past year and that is okay.  Sometimes goals are not achieved because something happened in our life and we needed to put the goal on the back burner, temporarily.  During reflection time you can decide if that goal is something that should be put back on the list for this year.

I know that can achieve what I have set out to do, but sometimes, it may end up being a little different from what I had planned in the beginning.  So as you are setting your goals for 2020 take the time to really think through them and also plan for a time to do some reflection and evaluation of them at least every few months to make sure that your goals are still in align with where you are headed.

“To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” ~― Anatole France

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