Do Not Fear Change


Facing change in any area of our life can have its challenges.  Sometimes change brings the feeling of excitement, but it can also bring feelings of fear.

Change can bring on a multitude of emotions even before the actual “change” has occurred.  We feed ourselves with thoughts of what the change will be like, yet we really do not know.

Learning to embrace change of any type, whether it be at work, or in our personal life, can be challenging.  If we can be willing to explore what the unknown will bring it can be more of an adventure instead of a dread.

There are times when change is painful and we cannot see any good from it.  But, as times passes the reason for the change is revealed and the lessons can be learned.

If we can adopt the attitude that we will learn something from each change or shift in our life we can learn to have more of an excitement when change is going to happen.

We should pursue life and have no regrets, just lessons learned.

“Life is short, and it is to be lived.” ~ Kate Winslet

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