Sleeping On The Job


Yawning at the desk again?  Are you having a hard time waking up and getting with it at work?

There are several reasons why we can suffer from daytime sleepiness.  If you can pinpoint the reason for it there may be a solution to help you enjoy your workday with energy again.

We need to make time for sleep.  We cannot expect to do our best at work if we have had a few hours of sleep the night before.  Experts in the sleep field say the average adult needs between 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

Preparing your sleep time plays an important role in your sleep habits.  From exercise to creating a relaxing bedtime routine can help.

Reading, T.V. and working on your laptop in bed can hinder your sleep.

Remember if you suffer from daytime sleepiness you cannot be giving your best at work and that is not good for you or your employer.

Mayo Clinic on Sleep Habits

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