Showing Respect At Work


Lack of respect in the workplace happens more than we would like to think.  One would hope that people would demonstrate respect for one another when working together.

Often times the lack of respect shown by employees to each other is due to the fact that they are not shown respect by the management personnel.

Management staff needs to lead by example and respect should be at the top of the list.

In the workplace when leadership shows respect in the following ways, it promotes employees to show respect for each other also:

1. Respect employee’s personal lives and lifestyles.

2. Show respect by actively listening to employees and responding to what they are saying.

3. Show courtesy and respect  during all encounters with employees.

4. Make sure employees are compensated accordingly for the work they do. You show that you respect their value to the company.

5. Let employees know that how their performance is valued by you and the company.

These five points may seem like “no brainers” but it is amazing how many employees say that these do not happen in their workplace.

Showing lack of respect on all levels in the workplace should be addressed immediately and have consequences.  When respect is not shown for one another, the workplace can become toxic quite quickly.

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.” ~ Laurence Sterne


One thought on “Showing Respect At Work

  1. It’s so true that there is still a lack of respect in many workplaces. I also find that at times when people have differing opinions that is called disrespect whether presented well or not. It’s a funny thing that we don’t even seem to know what respect is these days.


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