Getting Distracted

In today’s world we have many devices or apps to keep us organized, in touch, and on track.  If we are honest with ourselves many times we allow these “connection” methods to control and consume our time.  They can cause us to be distracted from our work, relationships, and the ability to really focus on our daily life.

Take a look when you go to a mall, restaurant or event, what is everyone looking at?  “Their phone!”  I am amazed when my husband and I go out for a nice meal and we see other couples and neither one is trying to talk to the other, they are looking at their phones. How good can that be for their relationship?

Getting distracted happens all of the time.  It is when we allow ourselves to be distracted and try to do too much at once, like email cannot wait until after dinner, that we end up not doing what we need to very well.

The next time you are drawn to grab your phone, check your email, or favorite social media site, when you really should be focusing on something or someone else stop and make a conscious choice to remain focused until you have completed whatever you are doing.

You will find yourself accomplishing more than you have been and you will feel good about the little discipline that got you there.

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