Better Management for Better Customer Care

People will follow, trust and work harder for managers who they believe have their best interest in mind.

Ethical managers make their team feel safe, and in return the team will work hard together to produce the desired results of the business and give excellent customer care in all aspects of their job duties.

There are five key areas of training and support that managers need to give to their staff.

  1. Purpose – They need to know why they are there and what purpose does their position play in the big picture of the business.
  2. Pride – Managers need to let their staff know that they are proud of them and the work they do and also instill in their staff that they need to take pride in their work.
  3. Patience – Everyone on the team needs to demonstrate patience with one another.  When patience is given to employees, it then can be learned and given to those the business serves.
  4. Performance – Managers need to provide continued training to their staff so the staff can always perform to the highest standard.  Investing in education for staff is always an investment in the business.
  5. Perspective – Creative, successful teams share each others perspective on how things are going and how they can be improved.  We learn and demonstrate respect for each other when ideas are shared and listened to.

When the time and care is taken to demonstrate and instill these 5 “P’s” in employees they are being shown they are valued.  When employees are valued they value what the business does and it is shown by the care and service they give to their customers.


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