Think Time Equals A Creative Mind

I’m always impressed when I meet curious people. They ask questions and have a true interest in how or why things are the way they are. They also learn a lot because they ask questions.

You might compare this to a young child who continually is asking “why?” or “how come?” They do not stop asking until their curiosity is satisfied.

Creativity emerges from asking questions, from inquiring why certain procedures are followed, how things work or why they do not, and in general the “why” can’t it happen.

When we ask probing questions it causes us to think and come up with answers or ideas. New thoughts and ideas are exciting because we are using our creative minds.

It is beneficial for personal growth to set time aside for creative thinking. Take a pad of paper and sit in your favorite chair, alone, and brainstorm on whatever topic you want.

I like to do this when I am trying to come up with new educational modules, presentations, or posts to write for my blog. I pick a topic and write down any thought that comes to my mind about it and then sift through them a day or two later to pick out any pearls that I think are good.

Establish a time and place for yourself to be creative, let the child in you lead the way and ask the questions like, “What can I do?” and How can I make it happen?” You will be surprised at the great ideas you’ll come up with!

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