Training For Success

Training employees can be a daunting task, especially if you do not have a training program in place.  In order for employees to be successful in their position their training has to be centered around making them successful.

What does that mean?  Often, when a new hire is being trained there is no thought on the trainers part as to the best way for this individual to learn the tasks they need to.  All employee training is given the same way.  Good trainers take the time to get to know their trainees and also set the expectations up for their training so the employee knows what is going to be taught and in what time frame they should be able to master the task.

There also needs to be a conversation on how mistakes are handled so the employee understands what is to be expected when they do make a mistake.  Not knowing how mistakes are handled can cause great stress.

If you are a trainer below are three important points to remember prior to beginning any employee training session.

1. Instruct:  Not all people learn the same or at the same speed.  Communication during training may require different teaching methods to get everyone on the same playing field and understanding what the game plan is.  Some players may catch on quickly and others may take longer.  Instructing is not a “one size fits all” task.  Managers need to understand this and also be trained on how to teach the same tasks in many different ways.

2. Guide: Once they have learned the basic methods of their job positions, the manager will need to continue to guide the employee on the path that they need to stay on for the business to be productive.  Each employee will react to being guided differently; some people accept that this is what needs to take place as the manager learns what they are capable of learning.  Others will reject being guided, and want to step out on their own once their instruction is done.  Again, one method will not work for all employees.

3. Inspire: This is probably the hardest of the three tasks to execute and continue to carry out.  What inspires one person may not another (are you surprised?).  It takes getting to know people under your supervision and understand what it is that makes him or her “Tick” so that you can continue to light the fire to keep them going strong.

Successful training takes time and a program that sets employees up to be successful at their job.  The costs of rehiring employees is detrimental to a business, so make sure you have good training program in place before you hire.

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