It’s Never Their Fault!

Have you ever worked with a blamer?  This argumentative, personality is a very difficult one to deal with. People who are like this truly believe that someone or something else is always to blame.

I clearly remember one time when I had the “opportunity” to work with a blamer.  I say “opportunity” because it was a challenge and I really wanted to learn how to handle this personality issue better.  

It was pretty amazing to witness as they brought up each problem that they wanted fixed in their business, they had a person to blame for the issue.

I could see that many of the problems were actually due to the way this business owner ran his business, but I would never be able to get them to see that.

I researched each issue and wrote protocols on how the situations needed to be handled in order for problems to not occur.  When I presented them to the owner, he liked them, but said, “I am sure that the staff will mess things up even with these guidelines in place.” I just mentally shook my head.

Being around a blamer is toxic.  They blame because it gives them a false sense of assurance, and they never will take a look at themselves as contributing to any problem. I don’t think that I could work with a blamer type personality unless our encounters were very few.

I understand that people with this personality issue deserve compassion. The hard part is not allowing their toxic, blaming behavior to stick on us when we do encounter them.  

We must to be able to continue to be positive even though it does not help them, because it will help us.

How To Deal With A Person Who Blames Others In The Workplace

3 thoughts on “It’s Never Their Fault!

  1. For those who constantly blame others, I see to say ‘if it is always someone else’s fault, then I guess you have responsibility for very little. Let’s talk about that.’ 😉

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