What Type Of Pants Do You Wear?


We need more positive people in our workplace and life in general.
We can do this if each of us learns to develop a healthy positive attitude.
Not only will we become colleagues with whom others will want to work, but we will be happier individuals as well.  Life is too short not to want that.
No magic will make a positive attitude happen overnight.  It takes daily practice.

So what are a few of the secrets to keep a positive attitude charged up in us each day?

* Think positive thoughts


* Laugh often

* Believe in yourself

* Care about others

* Learn new things

* Develop a happy, healthy environment

* Know that things will not always go as planned, and that is okay

* Look for the silver lining

* Did I say Laugh often?  (this is an important one)

It is never too late to begin a positive outlook on life!

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