How To Be A Better Coworker

Happy Monday!

Since we are going to work today why don’t we try to make the day a better one for our coworkers?

There are so many things that we can do that will make our work day better not only for ourselves but for those we work with and it takes so little effort.

  • Say good morning as soon as you see them.
  • Ask if there is anything they need help with.
  • If your coworkers need information or reports from you to complete their work, get it to them right away.
  • Give credit where credit is due.  If a coworker has done something up and beyond their duties make sure others know about it.
  • If you are a manager make sure you work as hard as the rest of the team.  No slacking because of your position title.
  • Arrive on time for work.  Be ready to start before the time clock says “go!”
  • Listen to your coworkers ideas and be willing to try new things that they suggest.
  • Learn to appreciate the differences between you and your coworkers.
  • Thank your coworkers and boss for a great days work.  This surprises people all of the time.
  • Be the positive force at work, not only will you feel good but it will make a big difference to those you work with.

All of the above are easy to do, we just need to remember to do them.

Practice these habits for 30 days and you can be guaranteed your work life will be amazing!

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